Just over 6 months ago Modern Wolf opened its doors with Fernando, Lauran and myself excited about what the future would hold. Almost a year ago, Fernando laid out his dream to me. On a cold winter night in Montreal, as we were on a business trip, he talked about his vision for an ethical publisher, focusing on indie games and smaller development studios. 

That vision resonates as strongly with me today as it did back then. In fact, many of the things we have achieved in the last 6 months have made it resonate even stronger. You just have to look at all the posts on our website. The developers we managed to partner up with, the games we are going to publish over the coming years. It all leads back to our core: care deeply about the developers and care deeply about the games (and by extension our audience, the players). 

I look book at 2019 with pride. It was an incredibly hard decision to leave what was arguably the best job in my career. I was a Creative Director at Splash Damage, having the privilege to lead one of the most talented teams in the industry, working on some incredible projects. But Fernando’s vision inspired me, and I felt I could take what I learned at Splash, and throughout my career, and make a difference in the lives of others. 

I think in the last 6 months we have laid the foundations for that. It definitely was not easy and we had to think on our feet, adapt and learn from some early mistakes we made. For one, running a publisher with only 3 people was tough, and it took us too long to add more wolves to the pack (and what team members Alex and Freddy turned out to be!). For another, it was the fact that I personally underestimated just what it took to run a business.

So I feel blessed that I have this incredible team around me, to keep me honest, to help me, to give me perspectives I would never think of. I feel honored and humbled to work with a host of amazing developers across the globe, who feel connected to our just cause, who have put their faith in us, a brand new publisher, to do right by them and their game. 

We are also incredibly lucky to have a new kind of funding partner in Supernova. Born out of the same principles as Modern Wolf, and indeed run by people we have worked alongside and whom we call friends, they also believe in our cause and in our approach to ethical publishing.

Being part of this fills me with joy, pride and an incredible sense of purpose, and it is that sense of purpose which will fuel 2020 for me. I believe we have a mission. I believe we can make a difference to how this industry works and we can deliver great games to an audience who really cares. Not just about the game itself, but also about the developers behind the games. This is my dream, and, if you will, my Christmas wish.

Believe in us, dream the same dream we do, and let’s make it a reality, one step at a time. 

Merry Christmas and have an outstanding 2020. Andreas

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