Team Wolf (including honorary Wolf Pup, Dom) are home, fed and rested after what really was an outstanding EGX. We took our most spook-tacular games with us, as well as the biggest packet of Post-It Notes we could find and boy was it a trip to remember (and not just for the ER chaos at Canning Town - though I'm sure that will stay with many event staff for a while).

Kris of Toge Productions gave us the ingenious idea of bringing Post-It Notes to the show to allow gamers write comments or notes for the devs. Our booth was known far and wide (within the confines of the ExCel centre) as the 'Post-It Booth' and people travelled for minutes to come and see our wall of notes. If you wrote a note, we salute you. Some of our favourites can be found in the gallery below. 

Our micro-RTS with a side of deck building, Necronator: Dead Wrong, was one of the two games we brought to the show. The diorama-esque maps, adorable (/pure evil) Chubatz and exciting minute-by-minute game play went down a trick-or-treat with young and old alike, and impressed the most hardcore of RTS players. Don't just take my word for it, though, Necronator made it into Rock Paper Shotgun's 'Bestest Games of EGX' list. Congrats, Toge Productions! We also revealed a brand new trailer for Necronator: Dead Wrong whilst at the show. You should watch it. Thanks.

The other game in our arsenal was Skeleton Crew. This co-op dungeon-crawler platform-brawler was a firm favourite with the show-goers, with both the 4 player and 2 player stations constantly filled. The game boasts the ability to kick your foes to solve out of reach puzzles, but the attendees of EGX also enjoyed kicking elements of the environment and their team-mates. The kicking was really a big deal. A surprise star was made of (kickable) chicken Dave. A special shout out must be given to the devs of Cinder-Cone Games for helping out on the booth, you guys are all heroes. 

It was an excellent show for us. We already knew the talent on show from our devs and just how awesome their games are, and now a load of other gamers have that knowledge too. If you took the time to come and see us at EGX, thank you. You made our weekend and we couldn't have done it without YOU. We're now busy planning the next show, we'll give you more detail on that when we have it. 

If you like the look of Skeleton Crew or Necronator: Dead Wrong, why not wish-list them? It would really mean the world to us and the developers we're working with. You can view the full Modern Wolf Catalogue here.

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