It's hard to believe we've been home from gamescom for a week, because wow - what a show! We were lucky enough to be invited to share a booth with the excellent humans at Supernova Capital and Flying Wild Hog. We were visited by lots of lovely folk, keen to learn more about Modern Wolf. We caught up with as many of our devs as we could. We definitely got into our stride as a team. It felt like home.

Fernando, Andreas and I outside our booth at gamescom 2019

After a stint of radio silence on social media, by last Wednesday Modern Wolf was ready to whip the cover off and show the world the 5 - that's right, FIVE - brand new games we'll be bringing to you alongside our talented team of developers. The new titles went down incredibly well with connoisseurs of video games the world over - press and gamers alike - and we couldn't be happier. 

I could talk you through each of our 5 games now, but Fernando has already done that in our first blog post and as Tarjei Vesaas, the Norwegian poet and novelist famously noted "Almost nothing needs to be said when you have eyes". So please, feast your eyes on our stunning trailer:

Aren't they something?! We are so proud of our first 5 signings, of the developers making them and the vision we have for Modern Wolf. You'll find some great articles about our ethical approach online - MCV,, Rock Paper Shotgun or PCGamesN are great places to start - but actions speak louder than words, and now our watch begins. We're going to be bringing you 5 kick ass games, and we're going to do it ethically and conscientiously.

Watch. This. Space. 

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