Next up to the plate in Modern Wolf's Meet the Devs Series is Mi Clos Studio. The studio have already given the world Sigma Theory and Out There, amongst others, and are currently hard at work on Out There: Oceans of Time. Let me hand over to Mi Clos' Creative Director and founder, Michael Peiffert to give you loads on insight into the studio and the game... BUT don't forget to wishlist Out There: Oceans of Time on Steam now. Go on, do it before you forget. Ta.

When was the studio formed?

in 2010, I've been laid off from an ad agency after winning a 2M€ contract for them, just after becoming dad for the first time. Thanks to the french unemployment wage, I was in a position where I could decide of my own fate. That's where I decided to realize my kid's dream: making video games. If my ex-employers hadn't laid me off, I could have missed the best opportunity in my life. So thanks to them!

How did you choose the studio's name?

Mi-clos means half-opened in French. When I've started learning game development, I've just got sucked up. I couldn't sleep because there was so much stuff to learn and everything was so new and interesting and exciting. That's how I became a game dev zombie.

How many people work at the studio?

I've been working with contractors for years that became regular contributors to my projects. I'm glad Modern Wold helps me building a great team to meet the ridiculous ambitions we set for Out There: Oceans of Time. The team for this project will peak at 5 full-time employees and 5 contractors.

How many games has the studio made?

Space Disorder, Out There, Out There: Omega Edition, Out There Chronicles series, Sigma Theory: Global Cold War

What's your motto?

If you reach for the stars, you might end up on the moon.

If you had a mascot, what would it be?

A nebula (not related but I genuinely love Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy)

What was your inspiration for the name 'Out There: Oceans of Time'?

This song that I've been listening in loop while imagining how the game would look and play. The atmosphere and the story are fitting so perfectly I've just borrowed the title (I hope the composer won't get mad at me for that). (editors note: Michael contacted Melodysheep on twitter and he didn't mind at all!)

What was your inspiration for the gameplay?

OTOT is a natural continuation of the work I've started 5 years ago. It's just the place where I should be and, I hope, where I'll stay for as long as possible. In this game, we took the unforgivable resource management from the classic title mashed up with the character driven story from the Chronicles series - Plus some crazy stuff I can't talk about yet. The main character is Nyx (seen in the teaser trailer), a strong character in Chronicles. Her level of badassery is a major inspiration.

Where is it set?

In the continuum space time, of course!

Describe it in your own words

OTOT is about fighting against the most hostile environment to humankind: space.

If the studio were a radio station, what genre would you play?

Is there a radio station that plays movie original soundtracks continuously?

Who's the most 'famous' member of the team, and why?

FibreTigre, our writer, is one of the biggest internet celebrity here in France. Because, you know, internet.

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