Toge Productions were kind enough to be the very first Studio under the spotlight in our Meet the Devs Series. I've included the wonderful graphics made by Freddy, our beloved marketing artist, but the Q&A itself can be found here in (nearly) all its glory!

When was the studio formed?

We started it in 2009, but officially registered Toge as a company in 2010.

How did you choose the name?

The word "Toge" started as an internal joke. The founders were part of an international student exchange program between Indonesian and Australian universities, so for our final project we decided to name our team with a word that's very Indonesian and that would sound exotic to people. Toge is short for Tauge which meant "beansprout" in Indonesian, the philosophy was that beansprouts can grow fast and that something big can grow from something small. 

How many people work at the studio?

Currently 15 people.

How many games have you made as team?

Probably over 30 if we count our old Flash games.

What's your motto?

We grow games you can enjoy.

How did you name Necronator: Dead Wrong?

Necronator was kinda inspired by Terminator. Necro (death) + nator (actor).

What was your inspiration for the game?

Warcraft 1+2, Slay The Spire, lane defense and tower defense games.

Where is it set?

In a fictional world, The Land of Livmoor

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