Game Developer's Conference, one of the most important dates of the year for game devs all over the world, has been postponed due to the Coronavirus crisis. The organisers of GDC were no doubt feeling a lot of pressure, and this decision is without a doubt the most responsible thing they could have done. Kudos to them.

Unfortunately and inevitably, this creates a terrible predicament for a lot of smaller devs. When you're a smaller dev (and I was one myself), showing up to GDC with a pitch for publishers and platforms is a business-critical proposition. Nowhere else in the world can you meet so many potential partners in such a small space and time.

GDC's organizers are refunding event tickets, which is the honorable thing to do. But there are now dozens if not hundreds of smaller developers with nonrefundable travel arrangements who will be left holding the bag for those costs. And Modern Wolf's official position on that is that it sucks. And we want to help.

Together with our friends at WINGS Interactive,, Landfall, and Raw Fury, we're putting money into a GDC Relief Fund to help struggling developers who have been affected by this.

This is an unfortunate situation. The organisers of GDC are good, hardworking folks who are doing their best with an unenviable hand of cards. Modern Wolf and its friends want to help, and we will.

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