Our mission as an indie publisher is to be the partner our developers choose to work with again and again

At Modern Wolf we believe the true test of a publishers value is the decision of those it supports, to work with them again. This mantra is the benchmark against which we base all of our operations and decisions.

Why “Modern Wolf”?

Wolves are loyal, family orientated, pack animals. This is how we see ourselves and our partners. Wolves are also super cool and who wouldn’t want a wolf on their logo?

If you have a great project in the works then we want to hear from you. Drop us an email and let's chat:


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    Fernando Rizo

    The Boss

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    Andreas Gschwari

    Chief Creative Officer

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    Lauran Carter

    Head of Comms

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    Freddy Frydenlund

    Marketing Artist

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    Alex Nicholson

    Publishing Analyst