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Rogue State Revolution is a nation-building political thriller from LRDGames, the creators of Deep Sixed and Precipice. You're the president of the republic of Basenji. Appoint ministers, but make sure they stay loyal. Build roads, factories, nuclear power plants and more, if you can afford it. Care for your society, but mind the rebels. How long can you stay in power?

Rogue State Revolution places you in charge of Basenji, a recently democratized Middle Eastern republic. As the president, you must juggle the demands of the voters while developing the nation economically. Oh, and don't forget your council of ministers, many of whom are entirely loyal to you... if only you knew which ones.

A game of Rogue State Revolution will feature dynamically generated neighbors, ministers, and economic and political considerations. No two playthroughs will be the same, and each run can unlock new content as you stay in power longer. The coup is coming: can you keep your wits about you and hold onto the presidency?

Rogue State Revolution is in development for a 2021 release.

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